Senior Pastor:

Chaplain (LTC) Ralph Bieganek


16 January

1045 Worship Service
at Main Post Chapel

Because of Weather

"Serving with Hearts & Hands for Christ"

"Serving with
Hearts & Hands
for Christ"

MAIN POST CHAPEL was built in 1899.
It is the oldest building on Fort Knox.

Senior Pastor:

Chaplain (LTC) Ralph Bieganek


Fellowship Meal

Due to winter weather,
our Fellowship Meal will be rescheduled
28 February.

Fellowship Meals

Please contact
Georgene Bray
if you would like to help with serving food, meal cleanup, etc.

There is a signup sheet
in the Chapel foyer.



    Waybur Theater

    1102 Old Ironsides Ave
    Fort Knox, KY 40121

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    12 February 2021

    Dear Chapel Family,

    I am writing to provide an update on several matters.

    The Traditional Protestant Worship Service is currently expected to be held at Waybur Theater as scheduled. If chapel services are directed to be cancelled, it will be listed on the Fort Knox website.

    As we continue to face ongoing winter weather and risks associated with COVID, please make a decision to attend based on your safety.

    There will be Protestant ASH WEDNESDAY Worship services held on Wednesday, 17 FEB 2021at noon at Main Post Chapel.

    There will also be Protestant Worship services held at Cavalry Chapel at noon and 6 PM.

    You are invited to attend one of these scripture based services which focus on the need for repentance.
    We are looking forward to a catered fellowship meal at the Saber and Quill on Sunday, 21 FEB 2021 following service.

    A breakfast menu is planned with hopes for a rich time of conversation.
    I look forward to seeing you safely soon.

    Chaplain (LTC) Ralph Bieganek
    Traditional Service Senior Pastor


    Main Post Chapel

    1173 Dixie Street
    Fort Knox, KY 40121

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    CHAFFEE  Gate

    OPEN 24/7

    WILSON  Gate

      OPEN 6AM - 8PM Monday to Friday

    CLOSED Weekends & Federal Holidays

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